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Great Falls is located within Fairfax County, the most populous county in the Commonwealth of Virginia with over 1.1 million residents and almost 14% of Virginia's total population.  In Virginia, most services are provided by Counties.  This structure is designed to lead to more efficient and effective services, but often at the cost of large county government organizations which can be hard to navigate and understand.  We have provided a list of important and useful contacts in Fairfax County below.  GFCA works to advocate the interests of the citizens of Great Falls in the absence of a town government, and works with the County and State governments to advance the interests of Great Falls. 

Emergency/Urgency contacts:
  • Tree Hazards
    • Tree fallen on utility line:  call the local electrical company.  Dominion Electric 1-888-667-3000.  
    • Hazardous tree in danger of falling on public road or electrical line:  1-800-FOR-ROAD (800-367-7623).
    • Tree presenting an immediate life-threatening hazard, such as falling on a public road or onto electrical lines:  call 911.

Useful Fairfax County links and contact information:

Great Falls Citizens Association
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